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Evacuation Policy

In a school evacuation, the safety of all students and staff is critical. You must obey all instructions given to you by teachers and the ancillary staff. A summary of the school evacuation procedures and a map showing evacuation exits is posted in each classroom. Read these notices.

Evacuation and lockdown policy and procedures

If anything dangerous is happening at the school these are the procedures to follow to keep everyone safe.

Step 1 is Alert

If you see anything dangerous like a fire or gas leak, you must immediately notify the Principal, Deputy Principal, or any other adult in the school. You must also tell other nearby students and teachers about this danger so that they do not get hurt.

Step 2 is evacuate

Everybody must get out of the school buildings if an evacuation is signalled. A whole school evacuation is signalled by one or more of these:

  • the continuous ringing of the school bells
  • the Public Address System
  • phone call instructions from Senior Executive
  • loud speaker if no electrical power available.

When evacuating the school:

  1. At the sound of an evacuation, you are to wait for your teacher to tell you when you can leave the room. When you are told to do so, you leave your school bags behind and move quickly but quietly to the correct exit, under the direction of your teacher. You may take valuables with you.
  2. Remember that your teacher is in charge. Should an exit be considered too dangerous, your teacher will guide you to the next safe exit. Once you get out of the building, you are to make your way around the outside of the school to the oval for roll call.
  3. When you get to the oval join your roll class and wait for the roll to be marked.
  4. Once your roll has been marked, you must sit down where you are and wait for further instructions.
  5. Nobody will be allowed to return to the school buildings until the Police/Fire Brigade have given the all clear. When the all clear is given you will be moved back into the school under the direction of the Deputy Principal and your teachers.

School lockdown

This procedure may be necessary if there is a serious incident in the school grounds before school, recess or lunch requiring students to be removed from outside areas.

If the incident occurs before school, at recess or lunch, students are to go to the nearest available room.

If an incident occurs during class time:

  • students should remain in class with their teachers.
  • PE classes go to the Multi Purpose Centre (MPC)
  • students not in class go to the nearest available room. 

Procedure for a lockdown

  1. Incident reported to Principal or Deputy Principal to start process.
  2. Lockdown is signalled by ringing bells intermittent until the playground is clear.
  3. Students and staff stay inside until advised that the lockdown has been removed.

In a real situation initiative and commonsense may need to replace the formalized procedure.

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