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App trial for parents

Trial of the SALVANOTE mobile app by a selected group of parents/carers 

App trial details 

Dear Parent, 

You have been invited to participate in the trial of the Salvanote mobile App at Bellingen High School starting in term 1 in 2021. 

The trial is being conducted with a limited group of parents and teachers. 

Learn more about Salvanote here, and how it helps your child’s education. 

To get started: 

1. Get the “Salvanote” mobile app. 

• Android: search for “Salvanote” in Google Play Store. 

• Apple: search for “Salvanote” in Apple App Store. 

2. Run Salvanote and complete the SIGN UP process. More info

3. Then SIGN IN with your new username and password. A message will appear asking you to wait for the school administrator to approve your sign up. More info. 

4. You will receive an email to your nominated email address saying you have been approved. Open the mobile app on your phone, tap the CHECK message and you will now be able to communicate (send and receive messages) with a teacher who contacts you. 

5. Wait for one or more of your child’s teachers to activate messaging with you. 

6. You will now be able to communicate (send and receive messages) with those teachers via the Salvanote mobile app. 

Things to note 

Security and message encryption 

• Messages in Salvanote are end-to-end encrypted, and can only be read by the sender, recipient, and school administrator(s). 

• Salvanote’s message encryption is believed to be fully compliant with the Australian Federal Government’s Access and Assistance Bill 2018. 

• Salvanote messages are extremely secure, but during the trial, if your child (or anyone) can get into your phone then they can read those messages. It is strongly advised that you use a PIN code lock on your phone. Read how to do this in the Salvanote instructions here

• During the trial access to Salvanote is via a username and password. If you forget your password it can be reset to again access your account without loss of messages, as long as you are using the same device. We suggest a password manager to allow you to use complex random passwords, which will remember them so you don’t have to. We suggest LastPass

More information on Salvanote message security More info

Feedback on the trial 

• Mr Borg, in the mathematics department, is supervising the trial of Salvanote into the school, and gathering feedback from all users. Please provide questions or feedback to Mr Borg, via the Salvanote feedback page here, or at 

• Although extensive work has been conducted on the functionality of Salvanote, it is still new, and some bugs (things in the app that don’t work as they should) might occur. If you notice any bugs or think of any features you’d like to see, please provide feedback. 

• Useful hint: use voice-to-text on your phone to save typing out messages. On iPhones voice-to-text is built-in; on Android it’s available from apps like Google Keyboard. For more information read Salvanote tips here.